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My spouse (let’s call her “Sariah”) and I are both descended from a long line of Mormons. We met in college when I returned, and married in the temple. It declared that same sex marriage was a moral issue of serious gravity and urged all members to do whatever we could (giving of our time, talents, and especially money) to pass Prop 8 and protect the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.

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Since I didn’t have a nearby grove of trees to which I could go and supplicate the Lord for direction, I took the 21st century approach of anyone lacking wisdom -I delved into books and the Internet.Thoughtful inquiry and respectful analysis are welcome. Should any of you have follow-up questions for Lehi, please do leave them below as part of my goal for guest posts is to stimulate the exchange of ideas. The moment our marriage took a turn was in 2008 during the Prop 8 campaign in California.This is my story of the challenges of being an ex-Mormon atheist married to a life long and devoted Mormon. (Prop 8 was a ballot proposition to eliminate the rights of same sex couples to legally marry.) During sacrament meeting, our ward Bishop read a letter from the pulpit written by the First Presidency.Having made this incredible discovery I was eager to share it with those I loved and free them from this fraudulent religion.I was too eager apparently, as nearly everyone I talked to did not merely disagree with what I had to say, but they didn’t even want to hear what I had to say.

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